Tuesday Ranger Reads

Meandrichards Here is your daily collection of morning Ranger links:

  • Yes, the picture to the right is me with newly signed center Brad Richards and re-signed winger Ruslan Fedotenko. Best 4th of July, ever.
  • Ryan Callahan received a lot of praise for the way he plays from recently signed forwards Brad Richards and Mike Rupp. [SNY Rangers Blog]
  • People need to stop comparing Brad Richards' contract to Scott Gomez and Chris Drury's. I am happy someone finally decided to put that in writing… [Blue Line Station]
  • It's the little signings that could go a long way in today's NHL. There were many of them made in the past four days. [Blue Seat Blogs]
  • It appears that Henrik Lundqvist will be on a Swedish television show. Is there anything this guy doesn't do? [Henrik Lundqvist Blog]
  • Now that the dust has settled on the major signings in the NHL, there are still some very solid players available. [USA Today]
  • What's the future of these front-loaded contracts? Will they be allowed when the CBA is restructured in the future? [Puck Daddy]
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9 Responses to Tuesday Ranger Reads

  1. JohnP says:

    Nick, was that Dolan’s party? Pretty cool you get to meet the new guy right off the bat. Up close and personal does he seem happy to be a Ranger? Is he pals with Sean Avery?

  2. Good pals with Sean, seemed happy to be here in NY. Met up with Feds for first time, presumably since cup yr, so they were talking as well.

  3. matt says:

    wow..you’re a celebrity…i’m jealous.

  4. Black Ace says:

    shia labeouf

  5. “You can’t beat Tampa Bay” – it’s called New York dude!

  6. I saw a movie with Labeouf in it today. Are you stalking me? lol

  7. BlackAce says:

    no dude, you kinda look like LaBeouf in that pic, not knocking you…..wish I was hanging with NY Rangers!

  8. Oh, gotcha! Well I take that as a compliment. Thanks!

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